Why spend lots of money to  acquire commercial kitchen equipment and make no provision for the preventive and predictive maintenance needs?  Unless you are prepared to have pre-mature and unnecessary equipment breakdowns which will result in down-time, loss of revenue and ultimately  shorten the life span of your equipment, preventive and predictive maintenance is essential for your operation.  Given the high investment costs associated with replacing a comprehensive maintenance program is essential. A non-existent or ill-designed plan for preventive maintenance will inevitably result in equipment breakdowns at the least appropriate time. More often than not  the end result is down time and loss of revenue.


Failure to properly clean and maintain equipment affects its performance and the overall safety of kitchen operations.  For example grease build up and faulty electrical connections  can cause fires .   When food service equipment is not kept in good repair and condition, it can be a  potential source of microbiological and physical contamination.  Built-up debris on equipment  can contaminate food produced on it, or even enter the product directly.  Flaking paint, excessive lubrication and rust can all create hazards.  Of course, your staff  plays a pivotal role in the day to day maintenance of your food-service equipment, but don’t overlook the importance of professional service when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment preventive maintenance.


In addition to cleaning, sanitizing and running diagnostic tests our service technicians can identify small and/or emerging issues before they develop into larger, more expensive problems. Not only does this spare your business avoidable deferred maintenance costs, but it also extends the life of ranges, ovens, fryers, steamers, griddles and other essential pieces of kitchen equipment. This saves your establishment  unnecessary replacement costs while ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck.


Our team  is  trained to apply the highest standards and professional maintenance solutions for all of your kitchen equipment:

  1. Repairs 

  2. Servicing and preventative maintenance

  3. Replacement parts all to make your investment work to its fullest.  We specialize in working on:

  • Commercial ovens, ranges and other gas  equipment

  • Commercial dough mixers

  • Commercial meat processing equipment – meat saws, slicers etc

  • Commercial dishwashers

  • Kitchen hoods and exhaust systems

  • Grease contaminant solutions


Cleaning a commercial kitchen requires knowledge, experience, the right equipment and the qualified team to do it right the first time. Our objective is to  save you  time and money. 


What Does That Mean for You?  In short, it means optimum  performance, a cleaner, healthier and safer work environment for your operations team and by extension  the kind of establishment  that your customers  will be happy to patronize.